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Okay… So I’m sure I’m not the only girl over the years to have borrowed something from a friend or family member, both forgotten about it, then you find this said item years later and you’re like oh guess it’s mine now or it’s lost or you are no longer close with that said person so it remains in your possession. Honestly, this was me as a teenager for sure! I’m pretty sure many of my friends back then if they read this will be like oh wait what ever happened to those leggings or dress and my face will be like shhh*tttt I have no idea girl!

But as an adult, surely we have learnt ‘borrowing etiquette’ right?! As we get older our tastes change, typically they will get more expensive as our budgets change, which means the stuff we are lending are no longer forever21 or Primark cheap $10 dresses but designer pieces which cost a lot of hard earned money – therefore it’s no longer throw away items that you can just forget about!

I’m particular about my stuff, I’m happy to admit that. I look after everything I own, to the point where I don’t wear a lot of my ‘good items’ I justify as ‘occasion wear’ but I never have the ‘right’ occasion to use it… it’s basically because I think it’s too good to wear (shout out to my ‘something blue’ Manolo’s which we all know cost a crazy amount of money!!).

I’m writing this post because I lent out a DVF dress (yup wasn’t cheap) out to a friend back in May – I actually wear this dress as part of my work wardrobe and I like it… I like it enough that I’m not ready to accept I won’t get it back. I have followed up like a million times with said friend, and it seems to be a nightmare to organise to get it back… even to the point where I’m saying ‘I’m sorry to inconvenience you and I will drive to your work at a time convenient to you to pick it up’ without reply or encouragement. I’m trying to separate my feelings on this situation on our friendship but it’s hard right! Like friends shouldn’t put us in these situations, and it’s making me think well maybe we just weren’t that close!

So I want my readers thoughts, what do you think is correct when it comes to borrowing things from friends/loved ones, and am I out of order requesting this back (knowing it’s been 10 weeks…) or should I just change my way of thinking because it’s just an item… it’s not going to kill me, I can easily buy another one, who cares?! Help me!!

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