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Okay, so I feel, weirdly, like I’m really paying attention to styling my outfits WAYY more than I ever did before. Maybe it’s because I’m laying everything out for the week ahead on the Saturday morning, OR maybe it’s because my body has changed so it’s a different shape to style, and I obviously didn’t take advantage of how easy I had it before, or maybe I’m appreciating this is my ‘me’ time so enjoying it more!?

Whatever the reason I’m loving my wardrobe lately and I want to celebrate it by mixing it up every day!

So how do YOU style your outfits? I usually pick an item I want to wear that day or for an occasion/event. So say I want to wear a certain pair of shoes… then they are my focus item so I style everything else around it. I typically do this but I mix up the item so I’m not just relying on shoes, accessories or a dress but maybe a cardigan, or jacket.

Then, once I have all that in hand, I lay it out on the floor to see how it all looks together because you want it to go, but at the same time it’s nice to have different patterns, materials or contrasting colours. THEN I think okay how will I wear my make-up (don’t get me wrong typically I’m thinking okay do you think the outfit will carry me without having to add make-up!!!).

I’m pretty particular about my nails, I like them to always be done and not chipped. I CANNOT stand chipped nails. So when I get dip powder I think about what I have for the next 3-4 weeks and how this colour will go with most of my wardrobe. So I tend to stick to light pastel pinks, nudes and on the odd occasion more orange. You typically won’t see me have bright nails.

There is a process behind all the madness I swear! Here are some outfits I’ve been ‘rockin’ at work… gotta love a mirror lift selfie right?!

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