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Y’all, I need your help! Hubs and I decided we would do a date night every month – however due to $$ and getting our sh*t together our babysitter doesn’t start until this month (can you believe we have only have TWOOOO date nights since our baby cub was born… and honestly I don’t even think they count considering we were so paranoid about time we rushed to Rugby then rushed back, then rushed to cinema then rushed back… to me that doesn’t count as a relaxed date night!) so on the 18th of this month it’s going DOWN! Mama wants a espresso martini and finnneeeee foods!

September we have covered as I’m going to Jay-Z and Beyonce with my mama friends… eeeeek wait until I pick outfit for that event!

So seriously, give me your date night options!!! I’m determined to do something different every month and get the romance back… as I very much feel like a mom opposed to a wife!!



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