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Honestly, since becoming a mom, and I’m using that as an excuse! I’m all about the comfort when it comes to styling my outfits! Especially after the first couple of morning runs trying to carry everything in my arm while tottering around in high heels and tight dresses… not the best when you need to bend down and pick stuff up! So… I’m all about sandals right now! Now boring flip flops but legit cute fashionable sandals which you can wear TO WORK also!

Now I’m taking the time to lay out my outfits a week before I’m actually mixing up my handbags, opposed to using same one day in day out, changing my accessories and utilising my work wardrobe again instead of pulling out the first thing I see hoping it fits (I still have a way to go before I’m back to pre- pregnancy body but I’m trying not to rush it!)

So I wanted to share a quick post of the sandals I’m L O V I N G right now and how they are my summer staple now!

Joules leather sandals:

Zara flats

Asos flats




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