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I see my friends on facebook at least once a week asking for recommendations on where to shop online for a particular item of clothing, accessory, cute furniture and shoes. Now, I don’t want to encourage anyone elses habits, as I know every couple of months or maybe once a quarter I find myself splurging like I’m obsessed then I go back into my little hole and save some more pennies until the next splurge!

I know everyone has their own personal taste but I’ve gathered some website suggestions and recommendations from Choos And Fashion Doos which I L O V E! These are tried and tested over the years that I always go back to, some newer and some older.

What I would love is from feedback from yourselves! Have you used any of the below, do you have other suggestions? I wanna here! I’m all about information sharing!

Now, it’s a given Amazon is amazing! We have Amazon prime which has been a godsend, especially once our baby girl arrived! I’m always picking up bits and pieces as we need them! So I don’t need to talk too much about that!

Poshmark – oh my gosh it’s like a better, more personal and better quality ebay where if you are not patient like myself and hate losing it’s the BEST site for you to pick up great pieces without the massive price tag!

Overstock – So many great furnite, home décor items at fraction of the price!

ASOS – ahh, classic ASOS. I ADORE this website. It has everything you need!

Marks and Spencers – Looking for good quality work attire, then please look no further! Next is also great, but I much prefer Markies, plus if you go over $50 then shipping is freeee!

Tradesy – I’ve just been introduced to this little gold mine of a site… dangerous territory for me

Missy Empire – Along with Miss Guided are my two favourite British bargain sites. Now don’t expect crazy amazing quality or for pieces to last a long time, but great for vacation wardrobe on a budget.

Zara – Couldn’t not add in Zara right?! In store and online, it’s the best!

Wayfair – great home décor and furniture items.


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