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Luna Rose-3

I cannot believe it’s labor day weekend coming up – I remember my first day returning back to work after maternity leave I was craving the next public holiday off and it felt like MONTHS away! Well 7 weeks later and here we are… and I’m feeling like cub in this picture above!!!

Honestly, I sometimes forget to take time just to sit back, relax, reflect and more importantly de-stress!

Crazy how much we pack into our weeks and weekends! I am one of those people who is always trying to follow up with friends and family and get some social activities in the diary but I have been useless lately! However, for me to de-stress I love to clean and organize so this weekend I took Sunday afternoon to myself, until baby cub got upset and wanted attention so she came up to help me, but just passed out on fluffy rug! So anyways, I rearranged my ‘closet’ room on Sunday. As a kid I used to do this every month, I will change round EVERYTHING, reorganize my accessories and clothes including furniture! But I’d listen to music and just block out the world… as an adult instead of music I now listen to podcasts (I’m enjoying ‘Lady Lovin’ it’s Lo from the Hills!)

So that’s what I did – I felt so amazing trotting into this week organized and prepared! You guys should try it and send me before and after pictures!

I was thinking last night I’ve been back running for nearly 8/9 weeks! Compared to how I was when I first went for a run I’ve improved a crazy amount, but there is still a way to go! It’s tough getting back into fitness, I used to love going to the gym and I swear I used to take that time for granted, now I barely get time to sit down in the evenings! Running two to three times a week is my other de-stress and after meeting my running buddy online I’m enjoying building this friendship also!

How else am I working out? Well I’ve been committing myself to 100 squats a night and adding in some core exercises plus walking as much as I can at the weekends. How do you working mamas get the time to work out? I honestly thought by the time cub was 4/5 months I would be back to original shape… boy I was wrong! but patience is a virtue!!

Is it sad I’m looking forward to having Monday off so I can catch up with blog writing!?


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