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It’s Labor Day, we are off from work and it’s raining! Is it bad I have no complaints after a busy weekend?!

So while hubs is outside taking down a hornets nest 🐝 that has taking camp in our table shade I thought I would write a quick post! It’s about wardrobe organizing … one of my favorite topics! I have such a passion for organizing and cleaning – I move things around my closet monthly as I’m always trying to organize it in the best most efficient manner! Plus when it’s wet outside and cub is sleeping I like to keep productive I struggle to sit still!

Now my wardrobe was color organized and I had attempted to split wardrobes into work, occasion and casual wear but I hadn’t fully committed to this …. well today I hung my jeans 👖I hadn’t worn in FOREVER yay they fit, organized my skirts (5 leather skirts… think I have an obsession!)

… by hanging these items they are kept in better ready to wear condition plus if I can visibly see my options I wear more! Opposed to hidden in a box!

Next I went through my work bags and clutches and split them into their sides so when you open one door it’s all work then the other is casual … wondering where my occasion wear is? I’ve taken up our spare bedrooms closet!!

I’ve spoken about doing this before, but on a Friday when I’m doing laundry and organizing cubs clothes for the coming week I lay out my work outfits from jewelry to bags to shoes and dresses! I hang it all so in the mornings I grab and go! It’s made going back to work that much easier!

Nothing beats that feeling of being tidy! It’s when I feel most content!



How have you spent Labor Day morning ?! Anything like mine?


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