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Lakota Room Salon

Y’all I have been going to Lakota Room Salon for over two years now and I’m upset at myself for only just doing a post on it now!

When I was in the UK I was L O Y A L to my hairdresser I trusted her with my life! Then moved to Houston and had a number of bad cuts and hair dying episodes it put me off so I turned to getting my husband to trim my hair and I bottle dyed it (shockkkk horrorr!!!) until my bestie recommended Angela at Lakota Room Salon – and I’m back to being a loyal happy bee with fabulous hair, strutting around like Beyoncé!

Lakota Room Salon is in the heights, specializing in balayage, highlights and blonding (and I must say brunettes – now my rocking my new color!).

It’s family run and has the most relaxed feel, like other salons which are loud, jam packed and less personal I find myself involved in each conversation in a cool environment, angela never rushes and is always very detailed in her approach leaving me ridiculously satisfied!

They just celebrated their 6 year anniversary!! Eeeek so exciting!

So if you are looking for a fresh cut, style, dye or balayage or honestly they have a range of fabulous services please try them out! I personally highly recommend Michael (he’s so damn nice and hilarious) and obviously Angela but they have other stylists also!

Check out their website and on the gram @lakotaroomsalon

** Images stolen from Lakota Room Salon instagram and my personal pictures!! **

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