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Hello Fresh!

Today we received our first Hello Fresh meals for the next couple of days! Amazing it’s delivered straight to your door, fresh measured out ingredients making it quicker and easier to prepare deliciously beautiful meals!

I went online and picked the meals in advance – I decided to pick a mix! Tonight was Korean Beef Bibimbap – in total it took 10 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes in total to cook. The instructions were easy to follow – usually this is my downfall I go rogue and ignore instructions!

Our dinner tasted amazing – the portions were perfect for us both. I never get the amount of pasta or rice correct I always make more which means we are eating more… never good when I’m trying to lose rest of my baby weight.

The best thing about it?! It was like having a date night in – once baby cub went to bed I made dinner for us both. It was nice having something different.

I really do recommend trying it.

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