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So y’all known I’m a little biased with Tropic Skincare cause my mum sells it and brought a full kit over to Houston TWICE for me to try. I really really like ALL the products I’ve tried so far – Especially the elixir oil.

Once a week I treat my hair to tropics hair care set.

Clarifying Hair Wash, Nourishing Hair Cleanser, and Hair feast conditioner.

So let’s start with the Nourishing Hair Cleanser which for me is a great product and is really missing in the market if you ask me. It is a deep cleanser that you use once a week and lifts dirt and excess sebum that your usual shampoo wouldn’t get too.

You apply this non-foaming cleanse to your scalp and roots, massaging scalp to get the most out of your hair cleanser. Massaging in circular motions also promotes blood circulation which stimulates hair growth. I found this cleanser to be really refreshing and the mint smells so clean!

The Clarifying Hair Wash is a gentle shampoo created for sensitive scalps and gently daily cleansing. Enriched with Coconut, Aleo Vera and Babassu extract this is the perfect shampoo for anyone concerned about the daily damage our hair goes through and the need to strip it of all the nasties without stripping it of its natural goodness.

Best followed with the Hair Feast which is a luxurious conditioner with Murumuru butter, Jojoba Oil and plant proteins that all work together to leave your hair super soft, shiny and feeling stronger. This smelt nice and did leave my hair looking so good like I have just had a professional treatment. It can be used as an overnight hair mask and is best left on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off, perfect whilst you do the rest of your shower essentials.

My hair feels and smells crazy clean, highly recommend incorporating this into your weekly hair care routine!!


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