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Okay, I have two reviews for ya today!

Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bod Buff

I recently got sent Sol De Janeiros Brazilian bod buff scrub this month from Ipsy (honestly bloody love Ipsy! It’s a nice treat every month and I test products and brands)

This brand are known for their really great skincare products. I’ve heard a TON of recommendations for their Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I’ve never tried it, but that seems to be the claim to fame everyone keeps talking about.

The Brazilian Bod Buff is a new product, it’s a great body exfoliant. After using this stuff, my skin was so soft, and I felt so good for a couple of days. It was such an unexpected delight!

The only downside of this product is that it’s a little bit messy. It says you can use this as a body mask also, so I lathered it on and left it for approx an hour (yup just strolling round the house naked!!) or you can just use as a scrub. I use it in the shower, usually right before shaving.

It’s a pricy body scrub, approx $25… I definitely recommend trying it – you will be impressed but I’m unsure if I would purchase for price.

APTO Healing Turmeric Mask

Detoxify and clear pores with this effective yet lightweight mask. Suitable for any skin type to treat blemishes, breakouts and rosacea flare ups.

Two of the most powerful naturally disinfecting bactericides, Turmeric and Neem extracts, will get to the root of pimples to minimize inflammation and slows down cell damage

Azelaic acid acts to remove dead skin cells and prevent future breakouts without compromising even the most sensitive skin types. This particular acid also works wonders in treating rosacea.

Colloidal sulfur treats blackheads and pores while absorbing excess oil.

I received this product in my Ipsy Glam Bag. It has anti inflammatory properties, azelaic acid, and colloidal sulfur. I put this on my clean face and left it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off and moisturize as normal.

The next day, my face is calmer, less red. The full size bottle of this is $16, but I think that seems like a pretty fair price for something that will last a while. It also smells like lavender, so it is pleasant. Just a warning though, it does tingle!


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