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Over the years I’ve noticed my style become much more relaxed, understated and simple. Saying it out loud it seems like I’ve become lazy, but I’ve just realized sometimes less is more! Sometimes it’s the little touches which make the entire outfit ‘Pop’!

Now that it’s officially fall, thank Christ because I’m very over the Houston heat! Being pregnant during the winter was the best, but having a baby and not being able to be outside, for an outdoors gal at heart it’s been killing me! I’ve been stocking up, or Incase my husband is reading this ‘updating’ just a tiny little bit… my wardrobe with essential pieces. What do I mean by that?! I mean an item of clothing that I can dress up, dress down, wear more than once (this is key to justify a purchase – ask yourself “how many times will I wear this and what would I pair it with”) and is this for ‘everyday wear’.

I’m drawn to button down tops at the moment, in the recent ASOS sale I bought this v neck top in rib with button front and long sleeve – now I purchased the ‘tall’ because it looked a little shirt on the model and I didn’t want to take any chances with my Mum tum!

Looking for alternatives to this?! I’ve got you covered, and it’s obviously not just me who has this obsession as so many high street sites have something similar!

Urban Outfitters

Love Culture

👆🏼👆🏼 good old forever 21 bargains! Again If hubs is reading, this is similar but the ASOS one which will be arriving this week is different! I NEEDED another option!


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