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We are just newly home from our weekend vacation to Fredericksburg, hill country! We went on this getaway with our friends and little baby cub! This is her second trip away, we went to Galveston for Memorial Day when she was a couple of weeks old!

This is our first time staying here, and I’ve been desperate to visit since we moved, mainly to experience the beautiful wineries, especially at this time of year, the cooler weather is very welcomed!

We stayed in a GORGEOUS 3 bedroom beautifully decorated house with hot tub! I mean what more could you ask for?! It was close to Main Street and roughly 15-20 minutes to the wineries.

On the Friday night we ventured out to 4.0 cellars for some wine (yummmy moscato!), Mexican food and country music! The sun set over the winery was stunning! Great fun atmosphere – and of course cub was smiling at everyone! The bar tender even wore a kilt after just returning from a trip to Scotland! He has 10 others!!

Saturday morning we got to early to head to Enchanted Rock for a hike up the summit – definitely recommend. If you go do what we did and aim to arrive at 8am for opening! Plus grab a delicious mocha or latte from Lava Cafe!

Saturday afternoon we went with our friends trying out the wineries off Main Street while looking in all the unique shops. While drinking wine and beer on the way…

One of my favorite wines was from Andreucci winery, sure you can tell from the name it’s Italian. Their Prosecco was so light and refreshing! Now I’m desperate to visit Italy again, but as an adult.

Saturday night we ordered takeaway and chilled out in the house – so nice spending time with our friends especially once cub went to sleep!!

Sunday we headed to Grape Creek for brunch (definitely recommend booking in advance) and enjoyed AMAZING food! It was the perfect end to our trip! Recommend the Avocado toast.

Our friends are getting married in Fredericksburg next March and we are already planning all the places we want to visit!

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  1. atkokosplace Avatar

    Oh the pictures are so lovely! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I so love reading about other places. Thank you for sharing your adventures! Koko 🙂

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