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I’m sure I’m not the only person in Houston who sometimes has a long commute to work?! When I’m at my clients office in the Woodlands I have to detour to drop off baby cub then head up to Woodlands, some days I’m in the car for an hour and a half one way!

American Radio is not good compared to the UK, firstly they repeat the same bloody songs over and over to the point where I end up HATING them but annoying as I know all the words! So what’s next, my own playlist, which is great but I easily get bored of my music and honestly fiddling with your phone while driving is so dangerous, especially in Houston with the crazy morning road raged drivers! Which leads me on to my topic of the day… Podcasts!!

Thank goodness for podcasts, and how am I only learning to love them now?! It can be so daunting when you start looking for a podcast to listen to because there are SOOO many, like a crazy amount out there and everyone has different tastes. For example, my husband travels a lot in his car and he really enjoys listening to more educational, historical podcasts – which is great… for him! For me, I want to be laughing, I want to learn a little bit but I want to use this time to also switch off! I’m constantly sending my life worrying about my family, about work, about my baby cub, about all the things I’ve forgotten to do, I feel I deserve the time when I can switch off and let my mind wander!

If you are like me, and looking for podcasts which will have you laughing, they are relatable, you will find yourself nodding your head thinking ‘that’s so me!’ PLUS you will learn something… and as my husband always says you will have some ‘topics to speak about in conversation’ – as if I need more!! Here are my top podcasts I’m LOVIN’ right now!

Loose Lips


Every Monday hear Luisa Zissman (if you don’t already follow her on Instagram, please do it now! She very much tells it like it is!) who was runner up in The Apprentice with Lord Sugar and Anna Williamson (who is a life coach), alongside guests debate week in the life of a women from relationships, celebrities and parenting to careers to body image and health. They cover everything!

It’s very refreshing to listen to, and I love the fact they both have successful businesses and are moms! They are very strong females and definitely have strong opinions which sometimes I don’t agree with, but I find myself talking about the same subjects with my girlfriends and finding out there thoughts!

Make Speidi Famous Again


Y’all must remember Heidi and Spencer Pratt from ‘The Hills’ – if you didn’t where have you been?! Spencer was hated for being the villain, the cast members refused to film with them, the public friendship break-up between girl next door Lauren Conrad and Heidi, the 10 plastic surgeries in one day… I mean you will have some idea, surely!? Well, I’m sure like me they weren’t exactly the celebrity couple we idolised or thought positive things about. However, behind all the BS and the fact they have clearly both grown up, they have been brought down to earth by their families and friends maybe in part because they lost all their money and recently had a baby boy Gunner. Well honestly, please go into this podcast with an open mind, they are just people who did what they needed to do for their 15 minutes of fame, they tried to extend out there lifecycle and unfortunately it didn’t work… so they are back trying to get famous again but now as themselves which is refreshing. You hear a completely different side to them both and who they are as people and as husband and wife and mom and dad. This is my favourite podcast and I love them the more and more I listen and the more famous they are becoming… BRING BACK THE HILLS, I’m definitely #teamheidi !

How I built this


How I Built This is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight — told by the founders of some of the world’s best known companies and brands. Guy Ruz is the interviewer and is brilliant asking the questions I would ask and that I want to know.

My favorite episodes so far are; Linkedin, Instagram, Dyson, Bobbi Brown, Steve Madden (Y’all know I met him right?! #claimtofame!) Dry Bar, StitchFix… honestly I could go on basically all of them! So far 117 and counting! Thank you to my husband for introducing me to this.

Private Parts


Okay, before you roll your eyes and presume I just listen to trash from reality stars, this is a podcast from Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle from Made In Chelsea, and they bear their soul to the world and read their diaries out load every week, along with having a hilarious question of the week and various guests. They typically will split the podcast into two parts – each 20-30minutes long every week.

It has left me CRACKING up! They are such lads, and the banter is brilliant, reminds me of when I was younger! So far they have around 80 episodes so lots to catch up AND they are currently doing a live tour.. wish I was in the UK to go to a show!

Hashtag No Filter


Oh my gosh, firstly I got the opportunity to work with Julie when I contributed at My Red Glasses and I felt like I learnt so much! She is amazing! She started this podcast at the start of the year and I’m loving it!

She has real, raw, honest, authentic conversations with real people. Topics range from nutrition to boob jobs to motherhood to dating to sex and everything in between. I love her views and how open she is to share, plus she’s local to Houston so I do enjoy the more local content. Already 19 episodes in, I LIVE for her episodes!

Lady Lovin’


Okay, my last podcast which I will recommend today is Lady Lovin’ and yes Lo is from ‘the Hills’ but please note it’s not about the Hills before you judge me! Lady Lovin’ is your source for female empowerment. Jilly Hendrix, Greta Titelman, and Lo Bosworth tackle a variety of topics from Relationships and Sex, to Health & Wellness to Business and Start Ups.


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