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To me, Chanel is the creme de la creme of the Fashion works. What Karl does, everyone follows. Every season and every collection is so different but always carrying the flag for Chanel – classic tweeds even for beach wear but somehow it works!

For Spring 19′ it was the accessories that stole the show. Everyone will be talking about and posting about the Chanel beach ball purse for days…

But when we do finally arrive in Spring next year we bet you’ll find most ladies flaunting the PVC sandals with a lucite heel, which come in great shades. Instead of furry chain-strap bags, the new version comes in a fabric like your big, fluffy bathrobe, and there are quilted clutches that look puffed up like your average pool float. 

There are plenty of straw hats and lunchboxes, too, so if you like to keep it classic with a Chanel picnic by the sea, you’ll be set.

Beach Ball

It came affixed to a chain strap in metallic tones. Some were even see-through, like your typical blow-up beach ball.

PVC Sandals

They came in expected shades like black and cherry red, but we’re partial to the sky blue and coral colors. All are equipped with a lucite heel.


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