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Honestly, A L L weekend I’ve been bitching about how warm it S T I L L is in Houston! The summers here seem to get longer and longer. My friends are in the early stages of moving to Denver, chasing the four seasons, and frankly I don’t blame them!

I’ve decided to rebel against this hot weather and start wearing my autumn outfits now… I regret it the minute I step outside – I’m just determined for the weather to sync in !!

I did try our Flaunt Boutique, which is just outside of Austin and I’ve followed there Facebook page for like 6 months without purchasing anything until last month! And honestly great quality, great fit, beautiful clothes at great pricing!!

I got this CUTE and very soft cardigan in ‘wine’

And this peplum striped top!

I’m trying to be good with my purchases so I’m ensuring they go together and/or go with my existing closet! These two are GREAT additions … now hurry up weather and get cool! PLEASE!!


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