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Comfortable Work Heels

Most common topic of conversation with my female work colleagues is ‘I love your heels, are they comfortable?’ because it’s so damn hard to find a pair of shoes you can wear ALL day, run around meeting to meeting without killing your feet or getting blisters!

Now I am loyal to Jimmy Choos – they are by far the best quality in design and comfort I’ve ever tried however for average of $640 a pair they aren’t exactly the most affordable.

So I picked these up on eBay for $60… only worn once like 4 years ago! Yesterday I got there Heels replaced for $16 and so total $76 fraction of the original price and they still look like new and comfortable as hell!

Now if you aren’t a patient eBay Bargain finder then I recommend Steve Madden …

Hubs picked me up nude and black pair for work – I started breaking in the black ones last night and they moulded to my feet! Great brand!

Coach is another fail safe brand which last and won’t break the bank!

What I wouldn’t recommend is seeking out cheaper brands, honestly they won’t last and it will hurt your feet! What’s the point?! Spend a little more and they will last!

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