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No idea why, but every time I get my hair dyed (I got it done last month and it was the first time in 11 months… eeeek! Can only imagine the condition of my hair!) it seems to be super greasy at my roots for a couple of weeks after then it goes back to my normal condition. I hate the feeling of that build up, and it means I can’t get away with leaving it a couple of days between washing. Well slowly it’s getting back to normal, I’ve also made a conscious effort to rinse my hair with cold water after conditioning and I’m loving dove leave in conditioner for my curls, it’s made a big difference.

I was sent R+Co acid wash acv cleansing rinse in my Birchbox so after using it and liking the results I wanted to do a quick review!

It typically retails at $32 a bottle.

It quickly nixes product buildup without harshly stripping your hair of its natural oils. The results are supershiny strands, a calmed scalp, and silky hair you can run your fingers through.

I blow dried my hair (with dyson of course!) last night and this is day 2 hair – it’s healthy looking without the build up at my roots.

I would recommend using this once a week!


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