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Mas Tacos – Foodie Options West Houston

Okay, so I’ve decided to show off my favorite places around where I live in West Houston as I honestly love living in this area, and I’m constantly hearing my friends say “oh my gosh you live miles away” “anything out the loop is katy (that’s the most annoying comment!)” “only good food places are within the loop”… well no none of these are accurate! Honestly I think it’s what you make of a place is where you will get enjoyment, so I will be posting a couple of places I’m LOVING and recommend!

MAS TACOS – Dairy Ashford and I-10

I LOVE Mas Tacos (actually right next door is Sams Burgers and it’s the same owner! Also a pretty cool spot) especially for lunch AND they sell Mexican Coke which is my fav (also a GREAT hangover cure!). We love meeting at Mas Tacos with our friends as it’s central between our works for lunch, but I also love it in the evening! They have a number of different options, I’m a sucker for their steak nachos – it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it! But I also love their chicken fajita tacos!

It’s a casual atmosphere and the food is GOOOOOD! Go hit it up and try it out!

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