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I’m taking advantage of not wearing make-up as much as I can over the festive break to give my skin a break. I was looking through my facemasks and tried the new hot face mask trend all the way from Korea! It’s called H20 rapids soothing probiotic bubble mask – which literally bubbles!!

The Korean skincare movement had already given us water-based cleansers, sheet masks, and the curious essences; but now it was stepping it up with a carbonated mask that’s part cleanser and part moisturizer with a mix of bubbles!!

Trying out this mask was amazing, it transforms from gel like texture to a foamy bubble mask then it slowly absorbs into your skin while popping! It’s hard to describe but mesmerizing to watch!! It smells delicious for a mask and so easy to apply. As you know I already use face masks weekly to unclog and minimize pores, brighten skin, and pursue that beautiful ‘natural’ glow.

This mask has over 3,600 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it’s super cheap for a sizable tub at $10. I used a pack which did 5 masks every two days! I went intense with this one!

With its all-star ingredient list of charcoal powder, green tea, pomegranate extract, and collagen—and combined with the oxygenated factor—I was pretty sure it was going to do some great things for my skin. Almost all reviewers of the mask rave about the softness of their skin after using. Now my skin around my chin has broken out but typically that happens for my skin to get better, it’s like going through a detox!

After my pores looked amazing, my skin felt tighter, and my face just felt clean. I love the difference from a sheet mask and highly recommend trying this – even just for the tingling!!!

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