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New Year Resolutions

Gosh doesn’t it feel like Christmas was a lifetime ago already?! I can’t believe I’m back at work after the best time off with our friends and family. Guess I can’t really complain, along with not being able to complain about the colder weather as I wished for it all summer!

However, it means I can finally enjoy my cute sweaters without sweat dripping down my back! I’m finally feeling cozy, and after carrying some Christmas weight sweaters hide lots of sins!

Love this gorgeous sweater from Veni Dress in-line.

Paired with my LV bag, Armani jeans and Jimmy Choo boots (god I missed the JC sale in New York this year!!)

So now we are into the new year what are your resolutions?!

I have a couple…

šŸ¦„ make an effort with my hair

šŸ¦„ go on a family vacation

šŸ¦„ enjoy brighter lip color

šŸ¦„ get a promotion

šŸ¦„ start open mic nights again

šŸ¦„ blog 3/4 times a week

šŸ¦„ tone my baby body up!!

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