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If you haven’t already ventured out to Houston zoo lights please go now before it ends for another year. It’s so damn worth it especially to spend it with your friends or family. I’ve been once with my girls and once with my fam.

You really have to plan and strategize for it to make it fun. I have a couple of tips for you if you decide to go…

Houston Zoo Lights runs until January 14 every single night from 5pm until 11pm.

1. Parking is a nightmare, so just expect the worst experience ever. The lights begin at 5pm., so either get there at 4ish to get parking and get in line. Basically they close off everything once it lot is full, so everyone is circling for eternity.

2. Buy your tickets online. The line for tickets is surprisingly WORSE than parking. Again, get there EARLY and/or buy online.

3. Just freaking go early. We were leaving at about 6:30 the line was still bad with people going in! Plus, the later it is, the more cranky ALL the children are and cold it is!

4. Bring in some booze and snacks. I’m actually not sure if this is allowed, so be discreet. But, they don’t check bags and it’s dark, so it’s fine.

5. Buy booze and snacks. They have lots of food (think: popcorn) and wine/beer/coffee/hot chocolate/Bailey’s/etc.

6. Wear comfy shoes. I’m pretty sure it’s a given, but heads up that it’s a good hour walk through the lights. And there’s a set path and they absolutely won’t let you divert from it.

7. Find secret bathrooms. Because the obvious ones have a LONG LINE.

8. Dress weather appropriately. It was pretty chilly for us, so a coat was pretty necessary and blankets for cub!

9. Charge your phone! Because there are photo opportunities a plenty!

10. Enjoy making memories… they even have Santa in his grotto for picture opportunities

P.s you aren’t there to see animals so don’t expect to see any!

Let me know if you go! It’s not to late y’all


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