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Is it strange that I actually look forward to finding out the fashion color of the year, I try to guess but typically always get it wrong!

This year’s pantone’s 2019 color of the year is ‘living coral’. Just to confirm to y’all this definition basically means it’s just a coral color, which I guess is livable?!

It’s been described in the press as “an animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone”. Basically it’s a nice warm comforting color! I love this optimistic positive color for this new year – I’m sure like other people we have lots of things to look forward to, this year I’m a bridesmaid TWICE (honestly lifelong dream) and I just handed in my notice for my DREAM job and company starting in mid-January… so lots of changes but all positive!

Now, I raided my wardrobe (actually I feel like I need to be selling more clothes on Poshmark as everytime I sell stuff I use that money to buy more… but I just wanted to have an ultra fabulous wardrobe for new job… haha) and found a couple of items that I have which are coral, see even me the khaki-mustard-grey queen has coral!

You will be seeing this EVERYWHERE if you haven’t already ** cough cough Kendall Jenner ** What do you think of this color? You know I LOVE coral lipstick, so maybe that will be my staple this year!



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