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Hope you appreciate this definition I found on the internet of January Blues!


“this is actually the funk which you enter when the festive season has ended. It starts on January 2nd and persists at the least until February first, sometimes until President’s Day. It really is a distressing time considering that the yuletide season is finished, spring is a ways off, the current weather is cold additionally the only flicks are lousy January films.”

So how do you feel getting into the new year? I don’t know about you but I love this time of year as it’s like a blank page of anything you want it to be. You can say goodbye to any negativity which happened last year and concentrate on all the good. This is why realistic resolutions are good as you want each year to be better than the one before, learn from mistakes. I love the planning and organization at the end of the year to feel fresh and ready on January the 1st. Obviously I don’t get January blues but I understand some people do. 


What can you do to get over these January blues? 

Plan fun stuff throughout the month in January. Get out and exercise, it helps make your mind positive and exercising is great for your soul and body! Make time for yourself, I’m very much overdue a hair coloring (thank goodness I have an appointment… the grey hairs are killing me!) and another one of my dip powder nails fell off in my hair at work the other day so I’m in desperate need to sort myself out! Although, these are very exterior things to care about, I’m also spending a lot of time on blog posts which does wonders for my frame of mind, this is my therapy and it’s free!!

Other thing I’m loving is outfits this year and how my body feels in them compared to 6 months ago, although I’m back to my semi prepregancy weight, I still have a lot of toning up to do, but slowly I’m getting there, but I will be making more time for that, but taking cub with me on my runs! 

This cute top is open at the front, it’s from ASOS. Now I most definitely still have a mum tum BUT this is a sexy top which although shows the tummy it also covers it! So don’t be afraid to wear something like this, you don’t need abs!

This CAMO bag is from Coach and it’s reversible! How adorable is the tote?!


What do you do to get over your January Blues?! 



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