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Yesterday I received ‘the Leston’ camo leggings from a recently launched clothing brand called ‘recovery leggings’ by Pinteresting Plans blogger Rachel Moores (if you don’t already follow her you need to go click on her insta page her style is truly beautiful!!).

I LOVE them so much it’s ridiculous! They are comfortable, the thick waist is very flattering and slimming. I felt like it structured my leg and gave me support at an affordable price ($65!). Y’all know I love camo so naturally I fell in love with the style but also mesh detailing at the bottom.

Honestly you can wear these dressed up with sweater and jacket or obv for working out. I’m beyond impressed.

At the moment they have another couple of items for sale (I really really want the peplum sweater) …

So you wanna know more about the brand and why it’s called ‘recovery wear clothing’ ?!


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