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I was loyal to dip powder nails from Nailology off Shepard and 6-10 until I had my beautiful baby cub and realized I had bugger all time to take 2/3 hours to go get my nails done every 3-4 weeks… so I found a place closer to home which honestly wasn’t as good but it was better justified especially as I was leaving my nails for longer than I should!

Always looking for closer spots for my beauty upkeep!

While at our favorite weekend breakfast spot First Watch I noticed a brand new Planet Nails Bar open right next door (please note literally a couple of miles from our house!) so I promptly booked an appointment and saw they had a 20% discount on for January (see why I’m writing this post to ensure other people benefit!). SO I went and tried out this new place the other day, after I had picked all my nails off! Oops!

The service was crazy good, I was offered so many different beverage options along with snacks… how awesome to get offered snacks!

I was even given a 10 minute hot stone neck message FOR FREE!! I honestly went back to work (this was a lunchtime treat!) so damn relaxed!

Definitely recommend, plus again remember 20% off until end of January!!

So I had the paradise pedicure while getting my nails dipped. I opted for a shimmer nude for toes and nude/pale orange for my nails. Very impressed with their level of detail and attention. Typically in places like this they are trying to go as fast as possible to get next people in, it was nice they took there time!


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