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I’ve made it pretty clear how much I really like The Tropic Skincare Brand. I use a lot of their skincare products in my every day beauty routine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very conscious of other bloggers out there saying how much they LOVE a brand then you find out it was just a sponsored post but I can safely say I use their serums, toner, body butter and cleanser daily! I’m just not a fan of their facial moisturizer (I’m loyal to Olay!)

Now, my mum gifted me Tropics Brow Perfecter and although I have microbladed brows plus I tint them every 10 weeks I wanted to try it, and I was pretty surprised at the difference! I thought my brows were defined prior to using!

The left is using the kit and the right is au natural!

Within the kit you will find a brush, one end for blended the other for definition. The palette includes dark brown and highlighter cream. It also includes brow stencils (my brows were bigger than all!!)

So easy to use and it wasn’t instantly too dark so nice to build up from opposed to other products that are too pigmented.

Definitely recommend if you are looking for a new brow definer for your make-up kit. I’ve heard iconic London’s one is awesome!!


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