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Oooooft what a week! Can I say that when it’s only Thursday?! I’m very much enjoying my first week within new Job it’s like on the job training!

Hubs is out so I’m taking advantage by finally getting round to writing this post, literally turned the tv off, did all my fun chores (feel like this could easily be a separate post in its self, I mean when I get home from work it’s non stop entertaining, bathing, changing and feeding cub, then I obv have to feed myself then all the bloody house chores, then I have to get my shit together for next day and remember to get my Poshmark stuff into packages to send – phew!!!) and now I’m relaxing trying to unwind with a green tea (devastated ran out of yogurts, debated having one of Cubs!) and February’s cosmopolitan!

P.s anyone interested shortly after receiving this mug Leo did indeed win an Oscar!

So, this week feels like a blur of excitement, intimidation, nerves, smugness (working for best company in the world!), online training (I’ve done so many courses I’ve lost count) and brain working overload!

To celebrate my new position hubs spoilt me to new ‘work’ heels… honestly he’s the best! I don’t want it to come across that I’m just lavished in gifts all year round, my husband has always been one to spoil me and I think it’s because he knows I won’t do it to myself. Don’t get me wrong I like to shop, but the older I’ve got the more practicable the purchases… and I won’t spend more than $100… plus he always seems to spoil me with what I ‘need’ … or what my wardrobe would ‘like!’

I’ve said it before, and I’m happy to say it again, coach have the best quality shoes for work. They are so comfortable, and I need that I walk all day long!

I had Steve Madden ones, which I am pretty disappointed in how quickly they are falling apart… I don’t think I would purchase again for work.

Black and nude are perfect staple heels – the added studs make them that much hotter! The pink pair is for sure me all over and will spice up one of my outfits!

Well, that’s my update for this week – work is busy with onboarding and I got THREE pairs of heels! Life is great!

I will end on this note, I’m trying to build up as many good easy listening but interesting podcasts as possible and I started listening to Ashley Grahams, following her appearance on Goop’s podcast with Gwynth Paltrow. She’s hilarious and very self aware – I’d recommend listening!


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