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Ok, maybe this isn’t just any old Sunday because tomorrow I start my DREAM JOB! I’ve got crazy OCD at home which means I’m always ridiculously organized ANYWAYS but I feel starting a new job is a different kettle of fish!

So, on top of my normal chores, you know the fun ones like washing, dishes, bottles, vacuuming, getting Cubs day care bag ready… honestly this boring list could go on! But I decided stupidly last night to go back through my closet of clothes and finally be ruthless. I’ve lost my baby weight, just now have the issue of toning up, but most, if not nearly all my clothes fit me but I feel my style has changed, and I’ve kept my clothes for over a decade that maybe I need to let go!

Here is the mess I left last night…

Just not good is it?! But I finished the room this morning so I now have my wardrobe where I feel comfortable wearing every item! And a weeks worth of outfits laid out! Cannot wait to wear!

Now, what are my essentials in my handbag?!

I never get those women who have crazy amounts in there handbags or actual make-up bags in there too!! This is all I have for my first day at work, plus a clear lip gloss and obv my cell!

Yup, my outfits are hanging up ready and my wardrobe is color coordinated split into casual (left) and work wear (right!).

So, top Sunday tips night before new job…

1. Go to bed early

2. Set an alarm (maybe a couple!)

3. Lay everything out to grab that you need

4. Outfit laid out

5. I always like to shower night before and have my hair done to make it quicker in morning!

6. Coffee travel mug ready (yup I’m ready for my long new commute!)

7. Download podcasts

8. Green tea in bed – nice detox!

9. Skin prep, get skin ready along with face mask

10. R E L A X !


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