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To find that perfect work heel… the pumps that aren’t giving you blisters, or making you limp while you walk because they are so sore!! I walk on average about 7,000 steps on campus – I need a comfortable shoe!

Last year I tried out Steve Madden (black and nude pair… it’s all you need!) and they were comfortable and looked fabulous but man one of the heels broke, and the wear was visible!!

I have loved Coach before and love their heels even more after trying Steve Madden! You cannot go wrong! 👆🏼👆🏼 my new work heels collection plus a pink pair! Cute for spring

Marc Jacobs have the BEST heeled loafers … think Ally McBeal (yes this is why I got a pair!) they have lasted for YEARS!! I mean YEARS and still look new! Well worth the investment

Now, I obviously love Jimmy Choos (hence the name!) and wear for work (trying to actually wear my heels opposed to keeping them on show!) BUT they are expensive … but to me it’s worth it! Especially if it’s for work. Think how often you wear them!

Now, I’ve tried and texted ‘high street’ brands – I love Zara but damn their heels are not practical, each one have hurt my feet beyond belief and no I don’t think I have wide feet!! Target is good, takes forever to break in and I feel like you buy more.

Honestly, unless you have a job where you are bound to your desk invest in great heels!!

My two sense for today 💁🏽‍♀️

I’m off to polish/clean my shoes!


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