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Interestingly, I had been meaning to write this post last week and time got away from me, I swear the last two weeks have been an extremely happy blur since starting my new job… I used the word interestingly because I just read an article regarding work life balance (y’all I like to put in research in each post!) and the writer had a theory on how the term is bullshit made up by people who use it to excuse why they are working late or missed their kids play etc…

I have to stay late, I’m swamped

I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately, and now I feel guilty using the term ‘work life balance’ but it really is! My hubs has been away traveling this week and now my commute is a little longer I’m having to wake up my cub, she’s first one in day care, then work then I need to leave by certain time (I love you 4pm!!) to get back pick up cub and I’ve barely had an hour with her by time I’m home which consists of a cranky little baby because she was so bloody busy during the day then she goes to bed… now my balance here is I will leave work regardless of being ‘new’ at that time because my priorities are different! I love my career, and it means so much to me. I love this opportunity and it’s because I see how it will help provide a good future for our baby cub and for me personally!!

I always think it’s crazy how people can stay in the office hours after everyone else has left night after night… in this situation you decide do I want to be here or would I rather be at home with my family and if I need to continue I can work from home. The work will always be there.

I have no time to work out!

Now, the other balance, I could have long lunches, but I’ve been bitching to my hubs about having ‘no time’ to work out and finally I’m in a job that has a gym on campus so I signed up day 2!! Now a couple of times a week I can work out because I’m making this a priority and it doesn’t disrupt work nor my time with baby girl!!

I get no ‘me’ time

My ‘me’ time is when my hubs is traveling, baby cub is asleep (thank you for sleeping through the night!) and I have a couple of hours for me! Typically I will be rushing around trying to maintain the house work, chores, my blog and watching Netflix…! But this is my time and it makes me happy!!

Gotta make time for each other and ourselves

Living away from family and having family ourselves has definitely been an eye opener for us. I love our family of three and enjoy doing stuff together but you need to make time for date nights. Finding a good babysitter has made a world of difference to allow us to be a couple! Although it can be expensive, it’s not weekly so why not?!

The other balance is allowing and supporting your other half to go have fun with their friends! My husband is delighted when I make plans as he loves time with our little cub, and I love those weekends I can spend time with my girls! I need girl time!!

So is finding the right balance possible?!

After reading that article, I tend to agree that it’s all down to your own choices, people aren’t made to work longer hours, or miss social events or do a job they hate! You are in control of your own life, and although it can sometimes be challenging but you should aim to do it all and put in 110% while doing it!

Now, I’m going to bed with my yogurt while watching next episode of ‘you’ this is my balance… and p.s all my chores are done!!


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