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Few wardrobe staples have the ability to give you the confidence you need in your work environment, and I’m pretty sure it’s on our minds instantly, a blazer! (Maybe power heels too but I will focus on blazer!)

It’s the trump card in your closet: No matter what you’re wearing underneath, a well-cut blazer can turn an otherwise casual or haphazard outfit into a considered, office-appropriate look.

If anyone can appreciate the power of a blazer, it’s women on the go. I now have blazers of all different colors, some that are slender and some that are wider. 

They all make me feel like I’m about to conquer my day—no matter how I style the look.

If your workplace is fairly buttoned-up, you probably wear at least one a week, so why not make it fun? 

Now, I think it’s good to start with the basics and build from there, all work wardrobes need the classic black blazer. Then from there I have added a tweed, burgundy, red and more recently a grey one from Ann Taylor.

I also want to point out you don’t have the break the bank, thanks to high street stores such as H&M and Zara but also for sites like PoshMark – I bought this blazer with tags for $25, tag said $198!!

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