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… where have you been all my life?!

Question… how come I’ve only just purchased a pair of high waisted jeans? And why am I only finding out about them today?!

Where have I been?!? Today I purchased from gap (thanks for the buy one get 2nd 50% off deal…!!) these SUPER amazing, flattering, fit like a glove off black high waisted jeans and I feel like a new women!!

I never really pay attention to jeans and typically would buy mine from Zara, and honestly I just tried them on thinking I would hate them but I did need new ones (most of mine are low waisted… never flattering with a mom tum!!!) and I fell in love!!!

Style Tips To Wear High Waisted:

1. Long necklaces do wonders for creating a long, vertical line. If you’re feeling like the jeans are chopping your torso, add a long necklace to help offset it.

2.Tuck it in. The high waist draws attention to the smallest part of your midsection so show it off.

3. Got a heel with a thick strap? Keep it from getting lost by giving your jeans a quick and messy roll.

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