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When it comes to my make-up routine I like to keep it as natural and as minimalistic as possible! Firstly, I just don’t have more than 5 minutes to spend on my face daily and secondly I don’t particularly like the full on make-up look… unless it’s for a night out (wait, what’s a night out again… it’s been too long!!)

Now, in my make-up bag I have my main pick of make up products, i have separated these from my full collection, easily grabbed especially when I’m still half asleep in the morning!!

What I have learnt to love over the years is a great ‘all rounder’ color palette! My friend gifted me Tartes ‘make magic happen’ natural palette and I have no idea why I haven’t featured it before but I use it A L L the time!

Shades include:

  • imagine (ivory matte)
  • abracadabra (copper shimmer)
  • charm (pink shimmer)
  • twinkle twinkle (gold shimmer)
  • enchantment (pale pink matte)
  • believe it (greige matte)
  • impress (slate satin)
  • fantasy (rose gold shimmer)
  • miracles (plum matte)

The formula is an interesting one…it feels softer and more velvety than Tarte’s regular formula. The shades pick up easily with a finger and when I first swatched them I thought they looked very pigmented and intense. Easily blended with a brush.

However, when I use a brush, I find that these go on more sheer, even over primer. The silky smooth texture blends beautifully and seamlessly on the eyes, which is awesome but the effect is much more subtle and natural. Even the deepest shades in the palette such as the plum and slate colors sheer out on your eyes to give you a softer version of what they look like in the pan. I don’t typically use the deeper shades in a palette all that often but in this case, I do.

To get a bit more impact, I recommend applying them with my finger and then blending them out lightly with a brush.  

These are my go-to everyday shadows… all in one!!


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