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If you are like us you are always looking for something different to do with your friends at the weekend. Well, have you heard of ‘Houston Axe Throwing’?! If you haven’t please listen up, if you have I want you to comment with your thoughts and I’m pretty sure it will be a top recommendation!

So, what is Houston Axe Throwing?!

Houston Axe Throwing is Houston’s first indoor axe throwing range and the first axe throwing club in Texas. Eeeek!!

It’s a fantastic day/night out with a group of friends, couples, families and team building events. What’s more amazing is having a trainer that teaches you the basics, then being split into competing teams playing games to see who will be the ultimate winners!

Did I mention they even sell alcohol on the premises… AND snacks! Honestly if that’s not a reason to go, I’m not sure what is!

Oh, and I took our baby cub and she was fine so it really is a family environment!

The session lasts around 1 and a half to 2 hours of intense fun! Once your team have been crown Axe Throwing Champion you can easily go on to join in their league! Houston Axe is based at 59 and beltway 8!

We had such a blast, met new people, hung out with our friends, made memories, belly laughed and took out all our stress by throwing axes as hard as we could!!

So, if you are looking for something to do get on down to Houston Axe Throwing!


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