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Oh my gosh I had to write a post as I found it very difficult finding good recommendations on cream that could help bad diaper rash, I was very reliant on my mama friends to help me over the last couple of weeks! Our poor baby cub has had a bad tummy which (without TMI…) she’s been having runny poops which resulted in diaper rash which we have never experienced before. It’s been horrible, she’s been upset every single time we changed her and it felt like it wasn’t getting better.

Our routine prior to this was huggies wipes and aquaphor cream at every change. We always use a generous amount!

After a little trip to urgent care (this mama was too worried in case there was something else wrong!) we have finally got back on track. Now, along with these creams we used water to clean her bottom and took the diaper off in the house to give her bum some air.

Here are my recommendations if your baby has diaper rash, trust me we have tried and tested a lot other the last couple of weeks I’ve narrowed it down to these two!!

As we love aquaphor for every change use I LOVE the 3 in 1 thick cream. It’s been awesome!!

👆🏼👆🏼 this spray is the bees knees! Cubs bum was so sore when I applied cream she cried and screamed so having an option of a cream was a relief and I think she liked the coolness. It’s worked wonders and amazing for on the go – Dr Smith brand

Now if you are looking for a cream base, this Dr Smith cream is amazing!!

She is one happy girl!!


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