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Crazy to think we have now been in the US of A for 5 years in July! It has gone so quickly, I remember when my husband told me we were moving I was so excited, but I never ever thought we would be here longer than 2 years! I thought it was just an assignment. It has literally been the BEST thing we have ever ever done! Although, a very daunting and lonely process, even moving with a partner, you are still isolated from everything ‘normal’ you were used to! We put in so much effort to make this our home, and its paid off with the opportunities we have been given and the friends we have in our lives. I always use the word lucky, but we are the least lucky people, it’s all hard work and I think I need to start using that term less because I think we have made this look easy! 


Now, I have moved jobs (don’t think I mentioned that!) we are looking to move closer to my work, at the moment the commute is ridiculous! Now, when I say looking I really mean we have already committed to a new build which will be ready in June and it’s OUR DREAM HOME! I mean, it’s everything we could want ….! However, we just need to sell our beautiful house … only a small issue!


We have been in this house for two years, and we have loved every minute! I found pictures from what it was like before compared to the pictures we had taken to sell and its mind blowing how different it is! Just goes to show if you look past all the crazy colors there was a beautiful home underneath! 


The main internal improvements we did was changed out the fuse box, brand new AC unit, new water heater… so basically all the fun big stuff! Then we took everything back to clean white canvas and replaced all the carpets upstairs. I can’t describe what was there before it was hideous!) We then instead of having oversized  furniture, which is what the previous owners had, which instantly can make rooms look smaller, we picked nice pieces and tried to stick with a color scheme of Gray, Mustard Yellow, Dark Brown, Gold and Green. It works really well and ties the whole house in keeping it constant. I hate it when you walk into a house and every single room is a different pattern!


Now the only thing we didn’t do was change out the kitchen, we debated it, but decided  if we were looking to move it would make no difference to the cost but just come out our pockets without the benefits.


I really hope a nice family fall in love with this house the way we have and make memories! It’s been so awesome, along with our neighborhood friends, however we are very much looking forward to the move to the ‘burbs!


Here are before and after… !



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  1. Dot Avatar

    The transformation is amazing it looks twice the size xxx

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