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Ooooft it’s got cold in H-Town over the weekend, however I cannot complain as it was forecasted to rain and it didn’t at all, so instead of dreading the weekend wondering what we will do we had a jam packed weekend of fun! Now, excited for the work week ahead, and for after work fun! I was invited to our Suite tomorrow night which I’m ridiculously excited for, then happy hour on Wednesday AND Thursday! Going straight from work to play, which means I need to have a comfortable yet cute outfit that can take me from day to night, but warm! This is defiantly a pants wearing week!


This is my outfit today, who knew I would be adding a scarf to the mix!! Obviously it’s make-up free Monday!!


Ever since I had our baby cub I’ve enjoyed and embraced wearing pants more, because I can and because I have a waist again! The other positive, is because I can fit into my pants from pre-pregnancy which to me is a pretty big achievement. Although I didn’t put on too much weight during pregnancy (thanks mainly to the constant sickness!) it feels good to finally be feeling confident about my body… as much as I wanted to dive right in and do crazy diets, I have progressed slowly – to be honest it’s because I didn’t’ realize how little ‘me time’ I would have, and then when I have this time I just want to be with my family opposed to sneaking off to the gym. I think I’ve been able to lose the last of it since I joined my current company and cramming in gym sessions and the flights of stairs!! 

So, how to create different outfits around a pair of pants, imagine you are on a business trip with hand luggage. When purchasing items for my closet now I really try to think how else can I wear this piece, can I wear it to work? To dinner? On nights out? At the weekend…? They need to be versatile. I ask for a lot more from my wardrobe now!


Item, khaki skinny pants from Target’s Who What Wear Collection.


First up, mixing patterns, fabrics and colors. Burgundy flats (from Target) paired with wool blazer (from Loft). Peplum top from Target.


Now, Vero Moda peplum top (can you tell I have a thing for Peplum, perfect if you want to hide your non toned tummy!), with a black blazer (from Calvin Klein) and open toe heels (from Kurt Keiger). If you need space for business trip this outfit can also be paired with wool blazer and flats as before!


For a more casual look, which can be paired with flats, I choose heels for a work look. Same heels as before, with Loft thin sweater and Warehouse blazer. Can take blazer off for night time and add in gold statement necklace.

For work to happy hour I’ve added cute Topshop silver sweater with high neck with silver Jimmy Choos to match. Statement burgundy earrings would take it one step further!



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