a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Didn’t realize apple had changed the headphone adapter until I went to plug in my headphones on the way out to LAX… brilliant! I’m currently sitting on the plane after reading Allure and Glamour magazine back to front, then again, with an hour and a half to go until we touch down! What did we do before devices while traveling?!? I need entertainment!

So, here I can updating my blog because I’m ashamed to say it’s been so long since my last post! Lots has happened, we have sold our house and secured a brand new build (not ready until July… so currently trying to find somewhere to stay !!), my hubs is moving into a new position after being promoted (he’s a big deal in O&G if you didn’t already know!!!) and our baby cub is now WALKING!!!! Oh my goodness she’s growing up so fast! Cannot believe she will be one soon!

This weekend I spent it with my girlfriends celebrating her bachelorette party in LA! This is the first time I’ve visited the west coast, and already I’m trying to plan a trip back! I only had a small glimpse into LA life but man it seems fabulous! There was a sense of casual, no rushing, calm in the air which put me at ease (hubs was on a bachelor party in NOLA and nana was looking after cublette!). Everyone was so friendly, genuine and happy… which is not typically my impression of LA.

We explored Manhattan Beach by doing a scavenger hunt, Venice beach for brunch, West Hollywood for dinner followed by drag bar for a show (which was so much fun!), morning strolls to the nearest coffee bar then games at the house in our sweats! It was the perfect combination!

I think I’ve always been older than my years, but now most of us have husbands and kids (or pets!) waiting for us at home I’m looking forward to being in my own bed surrounded by my fam.

Girl time is needed for my soul. It’s important to not loose sight of who you are in a world that pulls you in all directions. Life is too short to not feel fulfilled daily.


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