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So last month I got my hands on Sunday Riley Luna Night Serum. I was looking forward to trying it out (as you know I LOVVVEEEEE beauty products!) Yesterday we attended our friends wedding (awesome day!!) and typically after a day / night of drinking I wake up with horrible dull emotional skin! So perfect event to test it out!

Definitely a plus is this product contains a strong Trans-retinol Ester to help boost radiance, plump the skin, fight signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, and scarring/hyper pigmentation. I saw instant results and certainly waking up this morning my skin looked crazy fresh. it has many essential oils (avocado, chia, Concord grape) – also contains soothing ingredients (chamomile and blue Tansy) to combat retinol bad side effects that include irritation, flaking, burning, and dryness.

🌱A helpful tip to your night time regimen: apply this oil last after your moisturizer or any other products because the trans-retinol ester will help your other products penetrate into a deeper layer of the skin. If you prefer to put your moisturizer AFTER the Luna, then wait 10-15 minutes for the oil to completely soak in.


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