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People are really freaking confused about what supplements to take, what dosage, and how often. This is where speaking with your doctor can be helpful. Getting bloodwork done to determine any deficiencies can point you in the right direction based on YOU! .

Placing the emphasis on the benefits rather than the ingredients is more than brilliant business – it’s providing a solution for people who are looking to address specific problems.

OLLY formulas’ delicious flavors and vibrant colors come from all natural sources. Plus, our powerful bioactives like phytonutrients and antioxidant extract always come from nature’s hardest working ingredients.

It’s nice to see a vitamin that incorporates powerful whole food sources such as dandelion root and goji berries. They also taste great, which may help increase the likelihood of taking them.

I use their women’s multivitamin, probiotics and hair skin and nails.


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