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I feel as though it’s taken weeks to get organized, and maybe more mentally prepared, for our trip back to the UK for my best friends bachelorette party in London, then up to Scotland to visit our family and friends (I’m so excited to see my girls!) then back to Essex for my girls wedding (this will be the first time as a bridesmaid… I feel beyond honored and hope I do her proud! Plus the bridesmaid dress is gorgeous I’m looking forward to wearing it!!).


But finally, I’ve dropped off the pups they are happy in their kennels for the next couple of weeks, I don’t need to worry about them (honestly being a temporary single mama is tough!!! This has definitely given me a new found respect for women who do all this themselves, while working without family around – like that’s superwomen right there!!!) and my to do list is complete! So what’s the key for preparing for long haul flight? BE ORGANISED… but in advance! Start early and do little bits and pieces the couple of weeks before so you aren’t rushing around last minute and you can have a more relaxing run up! I also packed last weekend to ensure It was done. I’ve laid out my travelling outfit, along with spare change of clothes, lets be honest I have no doubt travelling myself the cub will no doubt have a blow out or throw up the minute I sit down on flight… !!! and more importantly, I was struggling to find what people pack in the diaper bag for baby during flight. I literally trailed the internet and couldn’t find a clear list, so I thought I would do one myself with what I’ve packed ready to go!!


If you have any additions please feel free to share, would love all the advice!


Now, I use a backpack diaper bag, which I LOVE, and so glad I opted for this opposed to over the shoulder. Especially knowing the true realties of having a baby knowing you carry them around a lot! Backpack seemed like a better option for us, and you can carry so much more without feeling the strain. Mine is from Skiphop and it’s AWESOME! They have a great range of colors and range from $89-120.


Diapers – so how many? The flight is 9 hours overnight to London… then hubs is picking her up and taking her to Aberdeen but has around 3 hours in airport, then a 1.5 hour flight … so in total , including the time in airport before that’s approx. 17 hours… so divide by 2 = 8.5.. let’s round up and think worst case scenario so I’ve gone with 10 diapers to bring with me! And honestly, If I can fit in a couple more I no doubt will!

·       Sippy cup, cup with straw and bottle… always better to have options!


·       Will take some juice with me (see if I can get it through security) then will buy milk and water once I get through


·       Blanket for flight 


·       Mat for eating, spoon and two wipe able bibs 


·       Pajamas, outfit for arriving in London then a spare outfit along with the outfit she will be wearing on the Thursday… think that’s enough right?!


·       Burp cloth 


·       Wipes – now I’m just taking one pack


·       Teether


·       Pacifier (I’m taking two, just in case!) 


·       Toys (I have 4 new toys to distract her!) 


·       Pain medication, lavender help sleep roll on


·       Tissues


·       Hand sanitizer 


·       2 yogurt squeeze


·       3 squeeze food 


·       Then I will be adding in snacks to carry with me


·       Stroller – foldable 


·       Baby carrier… although I will be pushing her to walk to exhaust her a carrier is perfect for travelling with baby!

Wish me luck!!! 



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