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I’m a huge fan of my monthly subscription boxes to Birchbox and Ipsy. Honestly because of these two boxes I’ve tried so many awesome products, including lip liner! I don’t think I truly appreciated the use of lip liner until receiving options in the post and trying them. It really really makes a difference to your make-up routine!! So much so, I believe liner is under rated! Hence this post in a little attempt to give it some exposure!

Disclosure alert, I’m not going to lie I’m very very impressed with Kylie Cosmetics Lip kit – I got Libra it’s the perfect nude!

Adding a lil bit of definition to your lips!

Who doesn’t want full, defined lips? Lip liner is the ticket to the perfect cupid’s bow. Pairing your lip pencil with a lighter, highlight pencil will keep the lip line clean and can create lift and definition to the lip. This trick works wonders on thin upper lips. Apply the lighter pencil in bow of the lip, right above your lip liner shade to lift and highlight that area.

Thanks to lip liner my color lasts longer!

Applying lip liner before your lipstick or lip gloss helps prevent the color from bleeding or feathering–making it a dream for dark lipstick lovers. I typically will use my lip liner as a base. Simply lining and filling in my lips with a pencil will gives lip color something to adhere to, therefore making the color stay for longer. 

Even the nude lovers benefit from liner!

Even if you’re not a big lip wearer, you can still benefit from lip liner. Pick a nude shade that is close to your natural lip color and lightly trace the natural lip line to define the shape. Buff out the edges into the center of the lip with a brush and layer with a clear gloss.

Application is key!

For a smooth gliding application and a fluid line ensure you prep your lips with a light lip balm before applying lip liner. Always follow your natural lip shape–overdrawn lips are not a good look. If you start to draw the pencil across your lips and it tugs the skin, then the pencil is too hard. Try sharpening the pencil and warming the point between your thumb and index finger to soften it.  


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