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I’m having one of those mommy moments where I’m looking around the house, washing everywhere (thankfully all been done) toys, bags, jeeez just a little bit of a disorganized mess. If you know me well you will know I will eventually tonight pull myself up from this seat and sort it all out but part of me just wants to leave it (the Monica in me won’t let that happen!)

It’s been such an awesome jam packed weekend. We found perfect sofas for our new home after going to visit it! Then we went out for dinner. Today I took cub paddling then had a 3rd birthday party! After a food shop to ALDI I’m soooo sleepy I just want to not move (didn’t help I just had a bowl of pasta YOLO!)

So today got me thinking, and the way I deal with situations is to right it out. I’ve always been a little more private when it comes to my family, mainly because it’s all drama drama drama! Without going into too much detail I was thinking about my relationship with my sister, and it’s not good, in fact it’s non existent, sadly the excuses from family members are multiple but she’s not liked me for a looonnnnggggg time. Silver lining I’ve already mourned this so I’m finding it slightly easier to discuss. It made me realize, or I guess doubly appreciate what close bonds I have with my girlfriends. Maybe that’s why, because I’ve always craved that sisterly bond, and I lovvveeeee the strong, independent, powerful ladies in my life that I can learn from, look up to and the most important point they love me for me! The girls in my life don’t have to meet with me, keep in touch or see me. They do it because they want to. How special is that?! No awkward conversations, no sadness, just laughter, fun and happiness.

I wanted to express this, because I know I’m not the only person who had struggled to come to terms with having no relationship with their sibling, but honestly that’s ok!! The world will continue to turn! Maybe it’s just not the right timing, or maybe you are just too different the distance is too far apart to mend. But please don’t allow this to ever make you feel sad. Concentrate on the amazing relationships you have around you with people who make that effort!!

On that note, I’m gonna drag my ass up and tidy the house in preparation for the week ahead! Woohoo!! Or il just sit here…!!


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