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My skin was dying for a little pick me up radiance boost so I was recommended Yeouth Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Plus Vitamin C Serum.

It’s relatively inexpensive considering it’s packed full of powerful anti aging formulas!

I apply it straight after I wash my face in the evening, so my skin is still damp. You know that feeling after beasting a workout when water suddenly tastes as irresistible as a favorite cocktail after a long week!? Well, that’s kind of how your skin feels any time you slather on hyaluronic acid serum. When your skin is damp, especially after a shower your pores are open and it’s ready to absorb product like a sponge!

I love how this serum gives my skin a natural glow plus with its collagen boosting tripeptide-31 it helps reduce wrinkles, roughness and age spots. I’ve noticed a big difference to my skin.

I’ve teamed up with them and they are kindly offering 20% off with promo code SOCIAL20 on your first order on Yeouth.com. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions on this!


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