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So, when I just googled breakfast it said “Researchers have found that on average, people who eat breakfast are thinner than those who don’t. That could be because eating foods with protein and fiber in the morning keeps your appetite in check the rest of the day.” Now let’s be honest everyone is different, so this post is based purely on MY views!

I cannot not have breakfast, I don’t like anything heavy, I prefer to keep it light with an RX Bar (least I know the ingredients!) and I will typically have a cup of tea or decafe coffee (I most definitely don’t need extra energy!!)

Now, I just finished a spin class so I had a banana to replace what I had lost. It’s important to think of breakfast all about balance!

My work just opened up a yogurt bar, how fricking cute?!

It was delicious and kept me going until lunch! The one thing I’ve tried to maintain since having baby girl is not snacking between meals. Sometimes in the afternoon an impossible task!!

Even baby girl likes a healthy breakfast!!

So let’s break it down, when you get up and you are getting ready for your day ahead your body also needs fuel to get moving. Without fuel you may think skipping meals will help you lose weight but it does it opposite by holding on to your fat as back up. Also, by the time you get to lunch you are not thinking healthy you will no doubt give in to your cravings!!


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