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Firstly, before I forget at the end of this post, please buy odd amazon! It’s currently being sold at $13 compared to $26!

I feel like I’m finding new beauty products weekly to test, and honestly amazon prime makes it too easy! I’ve always been a big L’Oreal skin care fan, it’s my go to brand as it’s high street prices for great quality results.

So, tip about this product, keep it in the fridge for best results! It feels really good to massage on under my eyes. The applicator has 3 little metal balls.  The balls rotate when they comes into contact with your skin. Very cool and soothing. I didn’t notice any fragrance to this product at all. The texture of the product is a gel, so it absorbs nicely into the skin. Best results use your knuckle to swipe back and forth across the under eye area a few times to spread it out evenly, then it’s good to go.

This is a great addition to my daily routine!


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