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Ooooft! Today has been tough, I never thought I would write this in one of my blog posts knowing how three drinks for me is a lot, but damnnn I partied way too hard on Saturday night in Miami Beach! Yup, 30 years old and a mama but I’ve still got it… or at least think I do!


I wanted to summarize my besties bachelorette trip to Miami this weekend, we had so much fun, and experienced so much that I wanted to pass on my tips if you are planning a trip to Miami and want some recommendations!

Firstly, when planning a bachelorette, do your research on the area. It’s much better to have back up plans, games, and food places in a list so if the girls are feeling something different you have ready to go options. So be organized! Also, instead of focusing on the places to drink, ensure you have fun activities where you still get to experience and see the location but having fun while doing it! Nothing worse to go to a place and not do anything but sit in a bar or inside a hotel room! Mix it up! Last key point, this Bach Party is to celebrate the bride so take onboard her wishes and make sure you do your best, within reason of the demand, to make it all about her, cause she deserves it!!


Now, some places and activities we did that we loved so much I highly recommend each of these!


PT Bootcamp on the beach!

Yup, that’s how we started our first day in Miami! We headed to the beach to meet our PT who was ready with chilled water and yoga mats and a hard/but doable workout for all. We mixed it up, due to the temps on the beach then in the water, which was BEAUTIFUL! Even doing squats on the sand bar in the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty cool. I found this PT on bark.com it was approx. $30 each girl


Brunch Spots! 

Ok now some Brunch recommendations! The activities are one thing but need to keep the girls fed!


Local House, off Ocean Drive was a great spot to cover the girls food cravings! The Ocean Eggs Benedict and latte was exactly what I needed! They had another 5 eggs benedict options to pick from, among other seafood options! It’s also a very instagramable place, stunning! Looking at $40 per person approx. 


Coyo Taco’s in Wynwood is a cool upbeat spot for Mexican street food and margaritas made with house brand tequila! Looking at $20 per person approx.


Pole Dancing!

Just to continue the active weekend following from bootcamp we booked into Milan Pole Dancingwith Laura for a fun afternoon from teaching us an entire pole dancing moves for a song, then drinks, with each of us getting to play around on the pole then showing off our moves individually to our bride to be, each of us picked our pole dancing name, say hello to Ms Bunny! I’ve done pole dancing before in Chicago, and honestly I was pretty shocking at it, but this time I managed to perfect my moves! It was a nice confidence boost for the weekend! This was approx. $65 per girl for 2 hours


Beach Time!

You can’t go to a place like Miami and not have beach time, so we did, straight after our PT session we all went back into the water to cool off and relax. Then we headed out to Ocean Drive to the brunch spot then hung out at the beach after. The sands are clear and water is stunning! All I will say is, if you are as white as me, sun block, sun block and then more sun block!

All aboard the booze cruise!

When you google cruises out of Miami they can be a little pricey, it’s hard to find something affordable but cute enough to be fabulous for the girls. So we found one which was approx. $59 per girl for a 2 hour Sunset Cruise around Miami Bay which was maybe the best experience! We were all standing with our drinks (very great attention from the bar tender who ensured we had our drinks filled up throughout) then dancing to the best tunes! As we saw the sights around the bay area of Miami we also go to start spot and check out the HUGE houses.



Restaurants and Bars 

So, we had too much fun on the booze cruise we ended up getting to Wynwood later therefore our ‘glamorous’ dinner was at a burger joint so I’m not counting that in my review!! However, we went to BND Burger which was attached to a cool hip bar where we went dancing after! This area is Wynwood where it has Wynwood Walls which by the way is basically a free outdoor art gallery. It’s a great installation. Right next to this area was a market and clothing/accessories stalls (where I picked up great pair or flower earrings) Also, if you are looking for a refreshing drink we went to Joeys Shakes for a shake to keep us going!

Therefore, check out Wynwood Walls please!!

Sugar chic cocktail bar at the East Miami Hotel. The background is the city, with a tropical rooftop desk and craft drinks. It isn’t as well known, so felt like a secret bar! Definitely need to go to check it out. It’s a little pricey… like $25 per cocktail. 


Watr 1 rooftop bar and restaurant is a sky high restaurant that floats over the sea. The food is Peruvian influences Japanese cuisine. The DJ was playing the most chilled out tunes, creating a very cool vibe. It has been voted for Best Sushi, Best Scenic Views and best Late Night Find! Very reasonable prices, for drinks and dinner including charges it was $75 approx per person.


Club Recommendation 

So the bride wanted to go dancing to a club, and had her heart set on LIV Miami Night Club

…therefore I worked my magic (I reached out to the LIV Club promoter and used my best skills) to bag us free entrance (typically $70-100 on the door, more expensive for men… no idea why) we just had to meet at a certain time for him to let us in. The drinks inside are approx. $18 per drink… then with my connection the promoter after an hour of us being in the club gave us a free table on the balcony looking over the dance floor and DJ box along with drinks for only tip… It was the best way to experience this club (I certainly took advantage of it!!) and ended up only paying $80! Highly recommend doing it this way, as after an hour the nightclub was so busy it was starting to not be enjoyable! So note to self, reach out to people via Instagram/facebook to get deals and entrance!! 


Phew, just reading everything we crammed in this weekend it makes it smile and also look forward to my bed this evening! Literally had the best time and think I found great spots! If you are heading to Miami reach out I’m happy to provide more details or contacts (like the LIV Promoter!!) 



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