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Nothing like taking 4 days to recover from a girls weekend, literally can’t hang like I used to when I was younger! Our friends arrive this weekend from the UK so I’m beyond excited to have some bestie time with the newlyweds and show them around our home town, little old Houston!

Is it just me, when you are feeling effects from a wild weekend, you can’t do enough shower/bath time to try and cleanse all the partying out. I feel my skin always takes a hit after a night out. In order to help with this, I’m on my third day of not wearing make-up, not even cheating with concealer. Despite how self-conscious I might feel with my red areas I’ve decided it needs to be done to give it a break. Crazy how quickly it has cleared up, maybe I should do this more! I will say too the time getting ready in the morning is much faster! Guys have it too easy. 

I have a couple of GREAT Cleansers I have trialed, tested and highly recommend which have been a life saver throughout my skin life! Every time I look at magazine or online beauty recommendations I always feel the brands picked are so expensive, they are never affordable, well they are individually but not when you think about moisturizers, serum, eye creams etc If you have any favorites please pass them over, I love trying new products and brands!

• Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier and Bamboo face cloth

Rated 5/5

Price approx $20

The cleanser smells fresh with notes of eucalyptus and citrus. The silky, creamy texture feels comforting and gentle on application but my skin feels quite invigorated after use. The oils break down your make up and leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It contains no alcohol and does not feel harsh or drying in the slightest. 

For an extra treat before wiping away makeup but after applying the cleanser, soak the cloth with hot water, wring out the excess and leave over the face to open pores – it’s a heavenly mini DIY treatment.

• Yeouth Vitamin C Cleanser 

Rated 4/5

Price: $18

What I really like about the Yeouth products and especially this one is that you only have to use a very small amount. You must have a wet face first. So splash some water on your face, neck and chest. If you use a pea sized amount, it will wash all three areas very nicely. Leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and ready for moisturizers. YEOUTH’s Vitamin C Facial Cleanser has powerful antioxidants that deliver age-defying results. It works to fight the most stubborn dirt and oil without stripping the skin’s natural moisture, making it gentle enough for daily use. The facial cleanser’s advanced formulation works to minimize skin discoloration, age spots, and sunspots, providing potent anti-aging benefits for the skin. The ingredients also help acne breakouts thus resulting in a radiant, healthy look and feel to the skin. 

• Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser 

Rated 5/5

Price: $30

I can not rate this highly enough, finally i have found something that works for my skin! It’s a little bit more expensive than the other ones I’ve recommended but it’s also fantastic quality! I have always had monthly breakout/enlarged pores and oily skin. The products feel lovely on your skin and they all have a beautiful scent, I also really like the slight exfoliating feel of the cloth that comes with that set. If you have problematic skin and are looking for a new skincare routine, please give this a try as my only regret is not trying this sooner.

• Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

Rated 3/5

Price: $15

 I love the idea of a gentle exfoliation while doing a great cleanse. The material used for exfoliating isn’t so large that you feel it scratches your skin instead of cleaning it. The scent is barely there, so nothing cloying that irritates your nasal allergies! This product works great with my facial cleansing brush which results in a noticeable cleaning experience without my skin looking all red and irritated, and my skin continues to feel clean hours afterward. It helped brighten my skin and left it feeling crazy clean!

• Shiseido Pureness deep cleansing foam

Rated 4/5

Price: $40

So my bestie gifted me this cleanser for my birthday last year. Honestly I had never heard of it but I’ve JUST finished using it (that shows how long it lasts!) and you really only need a little bit!  love how this makes my skin feel very clean without stripping moisture. I also prefer foaming cleansers as opposed to cleansing oils, gels and non-foaming creams. This is the holy grail!


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