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I’m sure from the title you are thinking, not possible, you are crazy, or yes it’s easy when you wake up and tie your hair into a pony for the day… I’m talking about actually only spending 5 minutes on your hair in TOTAL! Mind Blown… I know! Firstly, disclaimer up front regarding my hair, as everyone is different, but I’d rather paint the picture of my hair condition as your results may be different.

Hair Condition:

My hair is curly, to be honest since moving to Houston during the summer months it’s verging on frizzy… okay not verging it fully is! I have tried EVERYTHING over the years to help keep my hair in place, and maybe a year or two ago I decided to just leave it be. My routine is to wash hair every 2-3 days, brush it out using tangle tweezer then I apply Living Proof sleep in night cap on the ends, I pleat it and then I leave it! It’s become a lot more manageable and condition is much better. I get it cut twice a year (to be honest I make my husband cut the ends every 3 months!!) and I dye it twice a year… like I said I prefer maintenance free looks. I don’t have the time or patience to spend hours doing my hair  and makeup. My hair is also thin, therefore less of it to worry about. 

Picture below is my hair when I brush it out and leave it!


I purchased the Revlon one step hair dryer brush from Amazon (I bought the blue one as it was $5 cheaper.. so purchased for $50! I believe they have a sale on currently if you buy from amazon!) after using it this past weekend in Miami. It’s a GAME CHANGER! I have posted a live video on my Instagram page so you can see from wet to styled!

It’s pretty damn special!


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